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Tailgate Parties Tips And Ideas

When one thinks of football games, baseball games and most other American sporting events, visions of tailgate parties are usually present. Any event at a large venue that hosts thousands of fans is the perfect place to tailgate. Here is some great information about tailgate partying and some tips to host your own events.

Tailgate parties tend to be casual by nature. They are primarily attended by men between the ages of 25 and 44, but you will see some women and children present. About half of the men who attend these events do so roughly six to ten times each season. They do this to spend some time with their friends and fellow fans, and to support their favorite team(s) before the big game.

Though tailgate parties are usually short and irregular, they are easy to plan and organize. They require little to no preparation and can be set-up rather quickly. One thing to remember is that tailgate parties do take place in parking lots, so it is important to try and park in a spot that will allow you to exit easily. If you can't, just know that you may sit in traffic on the way out of the stadium.

Since you dont need to worry about paying to attend one of these parties (other than small parking fees), you should be able to spend a little more money on food, booze and tailgate party games. Games like cornhole, beer pong and ladder golf are popular at all types of tailgate parties. Having a bigger budget will enable you to have better quality food and beverages, which will turn your party into the place to be. You can also ask your guests to bring a dish of their choice as well as some booze to spice up your party. It is important to know what everyone plans to bring. If you dont, you may end up with a bunch of the same food and snacks. This is not ideal, but some of your guests may be okay with a dessert only party!

Another thing that is important to keep in mind when planning the food for a tailgate party is the preparation and storage. To prevent cross-contamination, it is important to store raw meat and poultry away from prepared foods. Bring a meat thermometer to make sure all meats are cooked thoroughly. It is also a good idea to bring an extra cooler, so leftovers can be stored and taken home. Keep in mind that if it is above 90 degrees, food needs to be stored in the cooler within one hour of being cooked.

Tailgate parties are a great way to celebrate an upcoming sporting event or game with good food and great friends. By putting a little bit of thought and planning into the event, you can ensure your party is a successful one that will be remembered for a long time. Next time you are gearing up for the big game, get equally as excited for the party before the game!