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Great New Party Ideas For The Average Joe

Do you like to dress up? Or do you like to keep things on the down low as they say? Are you the pizza and beer type? Or do you prefer champagne and caviar? A little bit of everything? Well now, that's the ticket. But if you throw a pizza-beer-caviar-champagne party, your guests might find it a little confusing. No one likes to dress to the nines and party next to a dude in ripped blue jeans, who is waving a bottle of beer around. Sometimes, a little discretion and some basic continuity ads to the enjoyment of an affair. So, here is an outline for some basic party ideas for the average Joe.

First is the Beer Bash. Think Animal House. Think loud party with dopey pranks. One of the best ways to get control of this crowd is to turn on the television and find a high-profile sporting event. This keeps the adrenaline flowing, but also channels that energy to basic screaming and jumping up and down on furniture. It is definitely advised that you put screens in front of your television set, especially if the favored team is falling behind.

Next is a basement party. This is for teenagers with loud stereo systems and close friends with rampant hormonal tendencies. Best to keep these guys out of sight. If you can feed them through tubes running from the kitchen to the basement, that would be ideal.

A popular style is the pool party. For this, you need kids, sunshine, a grill roasting hamburgers and hot dogs, maybe some BBQ chicken and some suntan oil. If you want to get really creative, you can even break out the floating beer pong table and keep everyone entertained. Playing beer pong in the pool is a great way for adults to feel like kids again. If you do this, you also need a designated lifeguard. That's right. You need one person who stays out of the pool, keeps rested and keeps his or her eyes open. You can't have your lifeguard playing games, because they need all their energy all available to them if they are ever really needed. And they have to be alert, it goes without saying.

Fourth is called dish to pass. Now, this is how the yuppies party. They email friends and coordinate dishes to cook, so nobody brings the same food as anybody else. Everyone brings a favorite recipe and sits down to a shared meal with good friends. Make sure that guy who hates to cook brings a bottle of wine instead and you're all set.

Last up is the pizza party. For this you need one of two things: You need either a gathering of young folks under age 14 who are running around the house like chimpanzees until they suddenly collapse from exhaustion and sleep until noon the next day. Or you need any number of people who outnumber the amount of groceries you have in the house. When panic ensues, remember that this is why you kept the number of the local pizza joint on speed dial. Give them a call and forget the anchovies. Tell everyone not to eat the furniture for 30 to 45 minutes and you should be all set.

So, if you are looking for some new ways to party and have fun with your friends, you can easily change your style up a bit. This could add a little culture to your life and get you to experience things you never have before. Who knows, you may even like the change!