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Sports Club :: Paddlesurfing

From traditional sports to new ones from distant places or dreamt up by their practitioners, there are many other ways of enjoying the Atlantic waves.

One of the most recent activities, but already with a large following, is paddlesurfing. And since it can be done on any stretch of water, however shallow, the spots at which you can go paddlesurfing are scattered all over the country, and include the sea, rivers, lakes, lagoons and reservoirs. Very close to Lisbon, in Oeiras, and the Paredes and Pescadores beaches in Cascais, you will often see paddleboarders standing on boards, paddling. Other popular places are Lagoa de Ă“bidos, Figueira da Foz, the Viana do Castelo area and the Island of Madeira. Not to forget the Algarve, where the beach at Faro has already hosted paddleboard events.

And gliding across the water aided by a motor can be even more thrilling at speed. Besides jet skiing, which is very popular on most Portuguese beaches and reservoirs, water skiing is also practised along the whole coast, but particularly in the sea in the Azores and Madeira islands and in dams: from the great Alqueva lake in Alentejo to the dams of Northern Portugal, the choice is unlimited.

In the Algarve you will find yet another version: parasailing, a real adrenalin booster as you parachute your way down towed by a boat. There are many activities to be had in amongst the wind and the waves that guarantee sheer enjoyment.
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